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Salt Lake City

The first Power Room of the year will be held on March 17th-18th in Salt Lake City, Utah and will feature a star-studded lineup of CEO’s, influencers and icons including:




Stein Jr.










Bonuses & Benefits

Power Room Elite

The pinnacle of networking opportunities in the industry today. An unrivaled experience only available to our Elite membership, this is Power Room supercharged. Rise above the fray, join us at the peak in Power Room Elite.

Empire Live Event

Hear from the architects of established empires how they laid the plans for their dominions and executed the strategies that secured them expansive, explosive growth in business. Nothing theoretical, only concrete facts- all at Empire Live.

One year subscription
Empire Education

Empire is the gateway to building your business into an industry-dominating force. Large or small, Empire can elevate your company to epic levels you never dreamed possible. The education you need to begin envisioning your empire.

Social Brand Pro Live Event

See firsthand how the pros live out their revolutionary branding philosophies at Social Brand Pro Live. Industry leaders and game-changers in the branding and social media marketing spaces, the experts behind Social Brand Pro walk the talk.

One year subscription
Social Brand Pro

SocialBrand Pro will pull your social media content into the spotlight. Get discovered, get on the cutting edge, and get more free time to handle business while the pros craft your social media image.

Social Ads Pro Training

Harness the unrivaled power of social media ads to amp up your marketing. Our experts live and breathe the social media ad game, and they deliver you the ultimate value for your marketing dollar.

Titan Leadership

Some leaders with little followings are content to remain small. Others yearn for more- more influence, more reach. Titan Leadership delivers the secrets of what it takes to garner that scope of influence and reach.

Money Is

The answer to the widespread financial illiteracy of our time, Money Is provides the basic how-to’s most were never taught about money. Andrew Cordle’s revolutionary vision realized, Money Is impacts, influences, and inspires financial education.

The 7 Strategy

In numerology 7 is the perfect, or complete, number. The 7 Strategy is the complete formula for promoting your business in a competitive market. Stand out as the perfect, complete solution with The 7 Strategy.

Power Room Las Vegas Summit

Where can you forge partnerships that create legendary results, make deals with the biggest names under the brightest lights, all with other leaders who don’t apologize for their success? Only at the Power Room Summit in Vegas.

24 Business Webinars

No one else in the industry has the capacity to reach the audience we impact every day. Experienced, dynamic professionals with the know-how to pierce through the noise and deliver gripping content- that’s 24 Business Webinars.

Bring a Guest

Everything we offer, we also offer to bring a guest of your choice. Double the immediate value of the experience so that you can reap exponentially as you and your guest can go back home and make a lasting impact.


Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City