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  • ENTITY FILING: File LLC documents with your state of choice.
  • NAME SEARCH: Comprehensive search to confirm your name is available.
  • ARTICLES PREPARATION: State certificate of organization.
  • ASSET PROTECTION: Get an additional layer of personal protection against legal action with an LLC.
  • KEVIN O'LEARY TRAININGS: Kevin O'Leary's private "Quarterly Insights for Small Businesses" live trainings.
  • PAPERWORK REVIEW: Review documentation to make sure it is accurate before filed.
  • TAX SAVINGS ANALYSIS: Consultation to discuss potential deductions, IRS audit protection, and forward tax planning for the new LLC you are setting up.
  • PROCESSING FINAL PAPERWORK: All final documentation will be processed and archived for you.
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Tax Hive customer support is always available to help you.
  • TRUSTED TEAM: With a decade of experience and over 36,000 incorporations, the legal team working with you will have your back."