Influence: My Choice of Super Powers

Hollywood seems to be on a binge for superheroes with super powers, and with good reason.  Both the Marvel comic series and the DC comic series with their many sequels have raked in billions in profit for the industry.  In one recent preview, I caught the line, “If you could have any super power, what would you ask for?”  I don’t recall the answer or the rest of the preview, but I do recall asking myself not what superhero power I fancied for myself, but a more personal question:  “If I could choose any position of office or talent or power, what would I choose?”

My response was framed while the question was still being asked in my head.  INFLUENCE.  That is the ONE power I would choose above all others.  I suppose the usual choices would be wealth, healing, fame, etc., etc.  Wealth can certainly do much good, and the power to heal cannot be underrated.  Fame means little to nothing.  It is vain and fragile.  But the power to influence others – that is what I think is arguably the greatest power for a leader to have.

If you read my blogs regularly, you’ve read that I believe the greatest power in the world for an individual is the power to choose.  The free exercise of a person’s will is of inestimable value.  And therefore the corollary power is that of influencing others to make use of their great power of choosing.  In my opinion, from the perspective of history, philosophy and theology, and from my vantage point as one who speaks to audiences around the globe is that the combination of influence and choice is the most powerful force known to man.  If one could harness that power and use it wisely, it could change individuals, communities, nations, …. the world.

My quest in establishing my business is first to influence you in a more positive and productive manner to help you reach your personal potential, particularly in the areas of money IQ and wealth-making and management.  But right on the heels of that quest is my desire to help you to become a power of influence yourself.  First, to use your wealth and financial skills to impact the world in a positive manner.  Secondly, to help you use your influence to advance others towards their potential.  We want to pay forward what we have been given.

I think you would agree that this world of ours appears to be profoundly divided, filled with strife and uncertainty in many areas. I don’t want to be a part of the civil discord, the political incivility and scheming, the angry mobs of riotous discontent.  Life to me is not about getting something off my chest, but doing something that is in my heart.  I don’t see your personal potential being maxed out by engaging in more Twitter wars or Facebook likes or dislikes.  Those efforts are about as productive as trying to split firewood with a butter knife.  You might work up a good sweat but you won’t have much firewood for your fireplace.

No, I want to see you putting all of your potential in the causes that are not only dear to your heart but also those causes that actually improve people’s lives at the level where they live – their jobs and incomes, their financial security for retirement, their financial independence to care for their families and provide better opportunities for their children.

After all the social media battles are done for the day, people still must pay their bills, repair and maintain their houses and autos, clothe their families, educate their children, buy groceries, pay for utilities, etc., etc.  I want to help people where they ACTUALLY LIVE.  The power to help a friend in need, to help build a school or a church in a third-world country, the power to get clean drinking water to the 3 BILLION who don’t have it, the power to educate the ignorant, clothe the naked, provide a medical center to treat the ill, to eradicate diseases, to teach agricultural principles so people can feed their nation as well as themselves – all of these are so much more important than proving an argument on Twitter. 

What a sick person needs is medicine, not a lecture on health.  What a hungry person needs is not a lecture on nutrition, but food for today and the knowledge and wisdom to feed himself and others tomorrow and every tomorrow.  What an ignorant man needs is not a march on the capital, but a school with skilled teachers to enlighten him.  I want to make significant and important impacts on people where it actually matters for them on a daily basis and throughout their lives.  What about you? I invite you to join me in influencing our world by the choices we make.  Let’s choose wisely, because together we can make a very powerful impact.