From a young age, Andrew has always possessed an entrepreneurial mindset. Whether it was maintaining his paper route, flipping baseball cards or marketing his pay to play football league in grade school, it was clear Andrew had the qualities of an entrepreneur.

Passionate about curating a life outside having a 9-5 job, Andrew found success in real estate. Although he suffered major setbacks in the Great Recession of 2008, Andrew persevered and it’s through his perseverance where he found his gift of public speaking.

In 2015, Andrew began speaking professionally to crowds looking to make a change in their lives. Having found his own financial success through entrepreneurial businesses, Andrew felt an obligation to help the next generation of entrepreneurs through public speaking.

money is

In 2019, Andrew had taught and publicly spoken to an estimated 50,000 students, all who had a passion to change their lives and grow their generated income. Through speaking, Andrew found the importance of opening up the conversation most often avoided – the topic of money.

Deep in conversation, fears, misunderstandings, and misconceptions kept people from reaching their potential. Andrew’s goal was to open the conversation and ask people to consider what money really means to them. In time, naturally, #moneyis was born.

Since creating the money is campaign, Andrew and his team have traveled the nation interviewing Grant Cardone, Kevin O Leary, Josh Altman, Dean Graziosi, and Gary Vee to offer more financial wealth and empowerment.

money is events

Branching off from the established #moneyis campaign. Andrew was passionate and motivated to create a space for like-minded entrepreneurs and individuals who wanted to increase their financial IQ and their social network.

The Money Is Events are geared towards extending financial knowledge and empowerment not only nationally but globally.

Attracting thousands of people passionate about reaching success in their lives, celebrity entrepreneurs host the Money Is Events and unite and ignite the entrepreneurial talent in the room.

power room

The Power Room was created personally by Andrew as a means of establishing an entrepreneurial and financial private network for like-minded entrepreneurs. The Power Room offers three exclusive memberships to networking groups the Suite, Elite, and Retreat to help entrepreneurs working at different paces achieve their goals.

Suite: As the largest membership, the suite members enjoy meetings three times a year across the nation. It is at these meetings that entrepreneurs are able to develop their skills and network with like-minded entrepreneurs.

Elite: As a furthermore exclusive group of entrepreneurs, the elite meet three times a year across the nation to be trained by world-renowned talent. It is at the elite meetings that entrepreneurs are able to focus on better developing their entrepreneurial skillset and pursuing growth in their business.

Retreat: at the most private and intimate level achieved, the Retreat meets twice a year in the most luxurious getaway locations to train and network with the nation’s most successful entrepreneurs. This retreat is located in a boardroom setting giving the opportunity for entrepreneurs to learn, grow and develop at a more private and exclusive level.


Andrew has always maintained the philosophy of giving.

In 2019, Andrew and his team traveled to Honduras for a mission trip to help the small village of Cantarranas and build houses and care packages for those in the community who needed extra assistance.

It’s through these that Andrew feels the passion to give back.

In 2020, Andrew’s goal is to feed over 1 million orphans from Honduras.


TV Shows: Entourage

Movie: Braveheart

Book: Blue Ocean Strategy by W.Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne

Favorite Vacation Getaway: Maui, Hawaii

Favorite City: Seattle

Meal: Steak and Potatoes

Favorite International Country: Singapore

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

"Remember that in business, time
is money. The best way not to
waste it, is to learn from it."