Season 1, Episode 04: 35 Tips or Tricks to Save over $35k on Your Next Flip [Podcast]

January 7, 2015


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Want to save $35,000 on your next flip? Today’s show begins a series on 35 tips and tricks to do just that! In this episode we cover:

  • How our 7 Budget Breakers can help you accurately analyze property values
  • Water heater savings
  • PEX vs Copper and how PEX can help manage your time and budget
  • The benefits of systemizing smaller tasks (like demolition and landscaping)
  • Painting your walls and ceilings the same color, and how much time and money you save
  • Window shopping! That is, an effective strategy for finding replacement windows

Again, this is just the first part of a series of 35 tips and tricks that can save you $35000 on your next flip. We only covered 6 points and there’s already thousands in saving.


Some resources used this week were:


  • 7 Budget Breakers
  • Home Depot Pro Services


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