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10 Awesome Real Estate Investing Apps

For real estate investors, being mobile can make or break your business. Whether you are managing your rehabs, looking for deals or communicating with your team, there is an app that can make your routines easier. These are 10 apps for real estate investors that I have used to help my business grow and prosper. My advice would be to take advantage of as many of these as possible these as possible.

This is a great app for researching comps. The app compiles data from houses and apartments listed on the internet and puts them in the palm of your hand. The app updates every 15 minutes to keep the listing current.


This is an awesome tool for investors who are constantly on the go and don’t have time to sit and do analysis. The ability to do analysis on the move could be the difference between getting a deal and losing one.

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Sign My Pad

Sign My Pad can be useful in many different fields, but it is an especially handy app for real estate investors. There are countless documents that need to be signed. Contractor agreements, buying contracts and invoices are just a few.


This app allows you to have pdfs signed right on your phone or tablet, eliminating the need for faxing or scanning. When you are a real estate investor making offers on the go this is a huge time saver. You can have a buying contract signed and sent to your title company in seconds!

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Red Fin

Redfin allows you as a real estate investor to run comps and locate potential deals while on the move. You can view listings on a mini map covering a wide area. You can then compile a list of properties that might meet your requirements.


Another feature of Redfin that makes it one of the best apps for real estate investors is the ability to share listings. As a real estate investor you are constantly building relationships and sharing information. This app makes it easy to share possible leads and deals with other investors inside your network.

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Andrew Cordle

The Andrew Cordle app is one way that I am able to share my experiences and knowledge with other real estate investors, and with more than ten years in the industry there is a ton to share. You gain access to educational videos, news, and scheduled events that can help you to grow as a real estate investor.


This is one of the best apps for real estate investors who want to continue to grow their business and their understanding of the real estate industry.

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Bigger Pockets

I am a huge fan of this app. Bigger pockets is a real estate investor social media network that is centered on sharing information. Users have the ability to create free accounts which give them access to some of the best minds in the business and their ideas.


As a bigger pockets member you have the ability to create a blog to share your own ideas, as well as comment and post to forums. This is one of the apps for real estate investors that if you don’t have, you need to have.

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Houzz is a virtual idea book for interior design. There are literally millions of design ideas right at your fingertips. Whether you are new to flipping houses, or you just like checking out different ideas, this app could come in handy.


After running your comps and closing a deal, you’ll want to start thinking about what features you will want to include in your house. This app makes it easy to browse through a number of different styles to get the creative juices flowing.

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Tiny Scan

This app turns your phone or tablet into a scanner. Your phone or tablet uses the camera to turn picture of documents or receipts into pdfs or picture files. That feature alone makes this app valuable to all real estate investors.


The sharing feature is just icing on the cake. The format that the scanner converts photos to makes them very easy to email or print. If you download the Tiny Fax app you can even send faxes. This coupled with the Sign My Pad app could really eliminate paper from your business.

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Over that past few months, Slack has become a huge part of my business. I use it daily to communicate with my team on a number of different subjects. Slack gives you the ability to organize different communications for your team.


Once downloaded and signed up, you can receive real time updates on conversations going on between team members. This makes keeping track of ideas simple and fast. As far as must have apps for real estate investors, this one has really made its way up my list.

If you work with a team and you need a better way to communicate with them, you need to download this app.

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Nozbe is multi-platform organizational software that is great for task management and managing processes. Being able to view all of your tasks in one place, whether you’re in front of the computer or on your phone, can really help you manage your time.


You have the ability to create a task list and then add other people to that list. You can keep track of what tasks have been accomplished and leave notes on tasks. This is another one of those must have apps for real estate investors with a team.

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Square is a register network that allows you to receive and send payments. You simply download the app, register a card with it, and start running your business through square.

I run a lot of my business using a credit card. Having contractors, vendors and other clients who have Square accounts allows me to do that. This is the perfect way to eliminate checks from your business. This is one of those apps for real estate investors that can really help you track expenses and manage your business.

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