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How to Flip Homes

Over the course of the last ten years, I have been frequently asked how to flip homes. Is it even possible? Of course it is…not only is it possible, it probable! Many new investors are not aware of how much you can do with real estate until they have been involved in their first few transactions. Then, they begin to see different options which pushes them to expand their real estate investing knowledge. Virtually anyone can learn how to flip homes. Again, if I can do it and my mentoring students can do it, then so can you.


The easiest route learning how to flip homes is by wholesaling. This basically means that you are gaining complete control over a property by getting a contract in place with a seller. You would then lock this house up or control it with a basic contract. This happens when you submit an offer to the seller and agree on a price. The next step is composing a basic contract. Once you gain control of this property, you then have the legal right to sell your interest in the deal. When you control the property you aren’t getting a mortgage and you aren’t running your credit. You only have an agreement to buy the property subject to certain conditions that must be accepted by you. Lastly, you are letting someone else buy that property because they bought your position in the deal by giving you an assignment fee to “assign” your rights to them. That’s why wholesaling is such a popular way to succeed in real estate investing!


If I can show you how to flip homes, would you be interested? It just takes hard work, dedication, and maybe a little dose of luck from time to time. You can make money flipping houses by learning from one of the best in the business. I have countless strategies, tips, and techniques that helped me reach my goals. Many of those proven strategies, tips, and techniques are available for free on my website, On my website, one can learn how to start a house flipping business. My team and I have spent countless hours putting together one of the most comprehensive educational libraries available on the internet. And our extensive educational library is available to you right now, for free!


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