3235 West 74th

Welcome to the Andrew Cordle Investment Gallery for 3235 West 74th.

Enjoy this gallery of Andrew Cordle’s investment property, 3235 West 74th. One of the fastest ways to build a fortune in real estate is by flipping houses! Andrew has spent the last decade flipping houses and has been very successful at it. Once you start flipping houses, the sky’s the limit! So what are you waiting for? Study Andrew’s educational video library and start investing today!

A seasoned investor with over 10 years in the industry, Andrew is a nationally recognized speaker and educator. His passion is helping people find their purpose and in 2013, he celebrated a groundbreaking strategic alliance with Home Depot, Inc. Andrew has flipped hundreds of homes in multiple statesand tours the country sharing his vast wealth of knowledge with investors of all experience levels. Andrew loves to teach new investors how to flip a house and mentors a small, select group of student investors who have had great success applying his proven systems.


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