Fox 5 Las Vegas Interview

All the way from Las Vegas, Andrew is interviewed by the Fox 5 morning news team! They quiz him about not only the real estate market, but flipping houses in particular. As usual Andrew gives enlightening answers that you shouldn’t miss hearing if you’ve ever thought about getting started. Andrew advises to get a solid education and understand your market before you start your next project. This one is a do-not-miss if you’re ready to get started in real estate!


ABC 15 Arizona Interview

Here, Andrew Cordle, the founder of NAREI is in Arizona on ABC 15 being interviewed about the National Association of Real Estate Investors (NAREI). If you’ve ever wondered if investing in real estate is right for you, this is a must watch interview. Andrew answers questions about what NAREI is and how the organization helps potential and beginner investors get started. If you’ve ever wondered about where you’ll find funding for your first project, listen to what Andrew says about how NAREI can help you!


NBC Arizona Interview

Watch the founder of NAREI, Andrew Cordle, on NBC’s Arizona Midday. He discusses how NAREI has over 6,000 members nationwide and has even attracted some global students. Andrew is asked about how NAREI helps beginners get started and how they create a valuable network of like-minded people. NAREI’s conference is also spotlighted in this interview where he talks about the 3-day conference that teaches, inspires, and educates everyone who has ever thought about investing in real estate.


Fox News Interview

This one has it all! Ever wonder who Andrew Cordle is and what he’s accomplished? Don’t miss this interview with Fox News and Andrew himself. This short clip gives you the shortened version of where Andrew came from, where he’s going, and why his education first ideas actually work. – Andrew Cordle.


PA Live Interview

Andrew Cordle, the founder of NAREI, is interviewed on PA Live! Andrew talks all about the National Association of Real Estate Investors (NAREI) and how to get started in real estate! Basically, if you’ve ever wondered about investing in real estate or how those real estate experts actually make a living in real estate this is a much watch!

Andrew talks about his beginning, his success, and how anyone can follow his path as long as they get the right education. Find out how NAREI can help you obtain that education and help you accomplish your real estate goals by watching this short clip, going to, or attending one of Andrew’s live events.

Andrew Cordle Interviews