Business Survival

Business Survival

Business Survival


Last year, I released my first book, “The Boom After the Bubble” with one goal in mind – to share knowledge and educate other investors like me. I love to share all of my knowledge and time-proven systems with everyone. With the success of my first book, I couldn’t wait to write another one! I’m pleased to announce my new book: Business Survival – It’s a Jungle Out There. In this exciting new book, I do my best to show you how to survive in today’s cut-throat business world.


This is business survival! Your company needs to have a strong focus on anticipating change at all levels and then move-on to address them strategically. “Business Survival – It’s a Jungle Out There” will help your business survive in this fast-paced, evolving market. Learn about and then make the changes needed to sustain long-term business success.


Book Endorsements

Frank Paras Home Depot Director

This book is a must read for anyone getting started in real estate. It goes to the heart of how someone can change their lives and protect their family from economic disaster with real estate investing. You will enjoy this book.

Scott Whaley President of National REIA

When you read this book, you will understand the heart of Andrew Cordle and his passion to help people find both financial success and purpose in their lives.

Tim Norris President of National Real Estate Insurance Group

I have known Andrew for several years and thoroughly enjoyed this book. It offers “real world” insight and advice and is a fantastic introduction to Financial Momentum.

Andrew Waite Publisher of PREI Magazine

There is only one word that describes Andrew Cordle’s journey as a real estate investor, and that is the word “authentic.”